Saturday, March 2, 2013

Non-Week 17

Before I'm late and while I have the ambition I figured update. I've decided I'm not going to Weight Watchers today. I'm not quitting, just simply using one of my "get out of jail free" cards. I've done terrible this week. To say that I didn't have time to exercise would be an understatement. I turned in three college applications this week, studied and took a test on the reproductive system, and "demonstrated my knowledge" (essentially my professors version on a lab exam in which we use cadavers to show we know how a particular organ system functions, it is terrible) on the endocrine system.

This is an excuse, however... the way I've eaten in accompaniment with my non-exercise is inexcusable. It's been terrible. I've had no restrain. I feel like a swollen bloated cow. I'm getting lazier and lazier by the day. I'm not going to get on a scale for them to tell me how bad I've done (not that they'd ever say that in so many words). I can see from the blog-universe that a lot of people are struggling this second half of the month (well beginning of the month, now). I don't know whether it's the depressing weather that's been lingering on (maybe that's just me in NY) or the threat of Spring time so close.

 I know a lot of times I will lose some weight. Just about enough to get some attention then start "easing up" on myself. Now I never really deprive myself, those of you who read know I have a "cheat day evening" every Saturday. In addition to that I always feel like I'm eating well on Weight Watchers. If I want something sweet I make room for it in my plan. But a good friend/co-worker of mine is very very slim, and does nothing to maintain that physique. So when dinners come at work and she wants to grab pizza or taco's I always think "well I've done great so far today". Even though I have a perfectly healthy meal sitting in the fridge I still feel that now that I am x lbs lighter I should be able to eat more. My co-worker isn't my only temptation, there are many things that last month I would have said no to and this month I am giving in.

In skipping WW this week I'm trying to get back on the saddle. Gather inspiration and motivation from you ladies. I'm trying to decide between starting the C25K or 30 Day Shred. Has anyone done both and can suggest a one they prefer, especially for beginners? Thank you guys for all the motivation. I love hearing about your journey. 


  1. I've done both, and honestly I love the 30DS more. But I'm definitely a circuit training kinda girl. C25K may be better for beginners though. But the 30DS will offer you really awesome results. I'd say do both, when my PT says I can workout hardcore again, I'm going to do both. :)

    1. Thanks! I started C25K but I'm thinking I'll do 30DS right after while keeping up with my running. I imagine Jillian will help with the toning a bit. Thanks!