Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 19

FINALLY over my slump! For four weeks I've lost only 0.8 pounds. Check out my weight loss page to see how stagnant my graph has been. Sigh. But when I weighed in today I lost 1.8! I'm only 2.2 lbs away from my BMI not being classified as "obese" anymore, and 0.4 until it's 25lbs lost! I definitely should have kicked it up a little more this week but I've been in a funk.

It attempts to get me out of said funk I went outside to catch some snowflakes with these lovely ladies.

On a side note I've been thinking about dropping out of weight watchers. I want to get a heart rate monitor and join MyFittnessPal. I think it just makes more sense for me right now. But more on that later this week. 

Hope you all had a great week!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 176.2
Total Lost: 24.6


  1. that is awesome!!! I have been in a mega sad slump and I'm following the new WW plan, i really miss the old one... Hopefully you can keep your momentum and keep losing like that every week!

    1. I know, what is with this sad stuff?! I don't know if its the weather (it's still snowing here!) but I'm been in a funk. I also didn't experience too much of the other WW but I really think I'm getting more on the calorie counting train. It seems more feasible in the long run. I'm trying to keep up my momentum and I hope you're doing well too. Hope you're able to cheer up!! :)