Saturday, March 9, 2013

Real-Week 17

Going strong this week. I started C25K and have successfully made it through my first week. Plus I've been doing some arms and legs on the inbetween days. I plan on signing up for my first 5k next week. It will be on May 4th. I will finish C25K on May 3rd. It's cutting it pretty close but it also gives me zero chances to slack. Boyfriend has told me he is going to sign up too. He went and did stadiums a few times this week which makes me so happy and had now started his C25K. 

This coincides with KTJs  Spring Training 5k Challenge. So if you haven't checked that out head on over to her page to read up on it! I'll have ran my first 5k by her June 1st goal that way I'll have another month to keep training and (hopefully) by then I can try and increase my time! 


So my weekend at Weight Watchers wasn't fantastic, but I expected it. As you know I kind of lost my motivation lately, then at the end of the week I got hit with a stomach bug and survived off of crackers and ginger ale. I gained 0.2. I seem to be teetering around that weight for a while now but I'm getting back on track this week! The sun shining is a huge motivation!

I also think the running helps a lot. Running in the morning (which for me is like 10:30am) definitely curbs the whole wanting to eat the contents of the fridge bit. I'm also really excited for the warmer weather because I want to try my hand at running outside. 

And shorts season is coming up... agh. 

My goal is TWO POUNDS this week. I need to meet that St. Patty's day goal. I was so thrilled to blow it out of the water and now I'm at risk of not making it. 

#1 DRINK 90 oz. of WATER A DAY!
#3 Continue C25K

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.8
Total Lost: 22.0
St. Patty's Day goal: 4.0/6

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