Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 20

Today was my last day at Weight Watchers. I almost felt guilty not saying anything. This is only because I feel as though I will be perceived as a WW failure. I wanted to explain myself. But I really shouldn't feel that way. I am losing weight for me, not to prove it to a group a women (and some men). On the other hand one of the girls met goal today! That was really exciting for her and of course everyone clapped. She even got a little emotional. It made me question whether I wanted to leave it. But I ultimately do. Money being one of the big deterrents. 
healthy household
So I ordered some PB2, Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred and MY FITBIT off of Amazon yesterday! (and a b-day present for my lover)

I'm officially signed up for MyFittnessPal. I have actually had the account for a while but haven't really used it. But I did mess around with it for a bit last night. FOLLOW ME AT: kmcat31

(I probably won't start anything until Monday. I'm giving myself the Easter gift of nothing thinking about losing weight). 

And BTW. I lost 0.6 today. I'll take it!

Happy Easter everyone!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 175.6
Total Lost: 25.2

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello ladies! 
First of all, I'm throwing up a brag worthy picture. The one on the left was taken St. Pat's day 2012. The on the right just a year later. Doing this made me feel so much better in a time where I felt like I haven't been losing as much as I wanted lately. 

ANYWAY, As I've eluded to in previous posts I've had some dissatisfaction with Weight Watchers. I know the program works. I also really appreciate the sense of community and encouragement you get from attending meetings. In addition I know I'm not really working the program. I haven't counted points in weeks, like eight weeks. This isn't to say I've eaten aimlessly. I've tracked what I've eaten. I always have a general idea of the amount of calories (which WW doesn't use) that goes into my body. And in lieu of strict counting I really try to make good choices  Fruit over sweets. High protein meals with complex carbohydrates. Eating larger meals in the morning and waning the caloric density throughout the day. This is how I've continued to lose weight without counting points. 

I find the whole "counting points" taxing. Then I have the while counting of the activity points as well. I know this is based off of the while calorie consumed vs. calorie burned. I'm just thinking it really should be THAT simple. I don't want to have to bring a calculator to the store with me. I don't want to figure out how well I can talk while working out in order to calculate activity points (I've literally sang a few bars of a song while running). I just want to know what is going in and what I'm working off.

In addition to that I also think it is too expensive. It is over $40 a month to attend a half an hour meeting and stand on a scale. There are days where I have to bring Bell and I just go and weigh in and leave. My Fittness Pal is free and I'm considering buying a FitBit to track calories burned (plus they sync). It is a one time purchase of $60. 

All in all I think I've made my decision. I have one more week paid for of WW so I will obviously be attending. But I after I am almost positive I will be making the change to calorie counting. 

With this change I think I will be doing a cleanse. The Advocare Cleanse to be exact. I have done it before (well I did the complete 24 Day Challenge) and had decent results, but I want to give it 110% this time. I'm hoping this will give me the boost and reboot I need to make the transition. And also help with my motivation. I am really looking forward to starting something new. 

Anyone made the change from counting points to counting calories or vice versa? I know there was a round of cleanses lately, anyone have any advice? 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet My Other Half link-up

Linking up Elle Noel, Sarah and Kassie to expose introduce my love to the blog-universe for the Meet My Other Half Link-Up!
 photo OtherHalfLinkup_zps6a491c71.png

1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? 
I don't mind it, but I also don't read much if it. She does giddily update me when she reaches a new amount of views or more followers. 

2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
I have absolutely no idea. (He also didn't even bother to ask, so he will forever be left in the dark. King of short answers.)

3. How long would you say you've been together?
Two years, but we've been friends for 10. 

4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
Surprisingly yes. I started eating better and that running thing. We were hoping to run a 5k together this summer. 

5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
**After rereading this question I realized I asked therefore he answered it wrong so I'm going to have to update when he's awake.**

6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
That it makes her feel good. 

7. What do you like least?
At the beginning she was really strict. Constantly working out, never eating bread. But she's gotten better. We can actually go out to eat now. Like this. (This took place while we were meeting for our weekly coffee date, I was drinking a hot chocolate and we shared an Easter cupcake). 

8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?
I said yes, first try. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish this Sentence link-up

Joining Holly and Jake's "Finish this Sentence" Link-Up. If you don't follow them already (which, why wouldn't you?!) do it now!


1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...
A cheese burger, with bacon. Like "the baconator" amount of bacon. Smothered cheese fries. A chocolate milkshake. And a chocolate peanut butter ice cream sundae (because the milkshake is a drink, NOT a dessert). 

2. On my Prom night....
I went with a few girls from school, but the majority of my friends had already graduated so I went for forty five minutes and had my friend Joe pick me up in his big ass truck, bass blaring, and I went to partyy. And I totally stayed in my prom dress all night while all those college kids had their jeans on. Rockin' 
On the right. My parent's gave me $100 (so not enough by
today's standards) for a dress. I spent $45 and kept the
difference! Heck yea, beer money.

3. When I go to the store, I always buy...
Something to drink (usually a big-ass-coffee). If I don't have something going into my belly I'm way more tempted to buy cheese and crackers, or chocolate dipped cookie, or cake, or... 

4. Family functions typically...
Involve inappropriate conversations and wine. Oh, and someone else cooking our food. For the passed few years we haven't cooked. We get together and go to a restaurant  This even includes Thanksgiving. Which makes the wine more expensive. 

5. I think my blog readers...
Are the bee's knees and the cat's meow. And I love that they are so diligent on commenting and love reading their blogs too!!

6. I'd much rather be.....
Somewhere warm. This winter is N-E-V-E-R E-N-D-I-N-G. We're supposed to get snow all week. Love me some Upstate NY. I think a move out west is in order. 

7. I have an obsession with....
Constantly checking the news before I leave the house for possible zombie attacks. Well that's embarrassing. 

8. My work friends....
Are few, but important. I work in the hospital with ALL WOMEN (okay, there's one dude) and things can get super catty/ bitchy/ whiny. I try and lay low, get in and get out. I know who I can look to for help and I know who to avoid. 
:) My work-bff

9. When I created my Facebook account....
I was extremely reluctant. I'm a true MySpace fan. 

10. My least favorite word is...
"but". Nothing good ever follows a "but". It's either an excuse or bad news. 

11. I really don't remember....
Anything from Anatomy and Physiology 1. Trust me I could kill my overly alcohol-inated self over the summer for not at least attempting to retain some vital information. 

12. Justin Bieber....
is not allowed in my car. This is not my doing. My boyfriends 7 year old told MY 3 year old that Justin Bieber isn't cool (yeah, she actually thinks he's not cool). So when ever it comes on Bell makes me change that ish. Sad. 

Kicking this week's ASS, btw. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 19

FINALLY over my slump! For four weeks I've lost only 0.8 pounds. Check out my weight loss page to see how stagnant my graph has been. Sigh. But when I weighed in today I lost 1.8! I'm only 2.2 lbs away from my BMI not being classified as "obese" anymore, and 0.4 until it's 25lbs lost! I definitely should have kicked it up a little more this week but I've been in a funk.

It attempts to get me out of said funk I went outside to catch some snowflakes with these lovely ladies.

On a side note I've been thinking about dropping out of weight watchers. I want to get a heart rate monitor and join MyFittnessPal. I think it just makes more sense for me right now. But more on that later this week. 

Hope you all had a great week!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 176.2
Total Lost: 24.6

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 18

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sweaty mess
It was a busy busy week! But I'm on spring break now so I should be able to relax a bit. Just work this week. Continuing to push through my C25K and I ate really well this week. I'm so happy to be feeling better. I also got my eyebrows waxed, hair dyed, and one of the girls at work gave me her old scrubs. She recently went from a medium to a small. So now I get to donate all my larges and wear her mediums. (Just a note, I wear large-extra large in everything else, scrubs just tend to run a little bigger). 


Instead of making an omelette every morning I decided to put all my ingredients into a mini loaf pans. Easy peasy trying to leave in the morning. And as you know I like to cover everything with salsa and light sour cream. I had a veggie burger dressed the same way this week with a side of cabbage. 

salsa, sour cream,
 and a side of grapes

all the way on the right,
 a hint at my green pants
 I had a really good time this weekend. My friend, a new mom herself came out for the first time since having her baby and like I mentioned before, my other friend was in from out of town. I drank a lot of green beer, did way too many shots and danced the night away. Thankfully I felt pretty good today. Just lazy and snacky. 

My mom took the day off of work tomorrow and is taking me and my sister out to lunch and to get our nails did. I'm starting to feel pretty good with all the girly-ness going on lately. Oh and my 0.8lb weight loss doesn't hurt either. It's not fantastic, but it's almost a pound. That I will take!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.0
Total Lost: 22.8
St. Patty's Day goal: 4.8/6

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5k Spring Training Link Up # 1


Linking up with KTJ and Kim for their Spring Training 5K challenge! I just started Week 2 Day 1 of C25K today! I wanted to keep it Monday, Wednesday, Friday but what ever bug I had last week came back with a vengeance so I called into work and slept ALL DAY yesterday. But I woke up feeling refreshed  and ready so start kicking some ass again. I even ate breakfast at a normal time (mine are usually more like brunch) so that I could workout in the morning. 

Let me tell you, I don't know if it was the adding extra time on C25K or the fact that I'm getting over this bug, but I had a hard time today. It wasn't that I was out of breath or anything, it was the fact that I was sweating SO MUCH and becoming physically exhausted. Maybe it was too early to jump back on the treadmill after being ill, but I felt like I was going to lose motivation if I didn't do SOMETHING.  But I did it. Its done. I'll be doing it for the next four days too. My goal is to repeat a day of week one tomorrow because I plan on having a very unhealthy weekend. 

My friend is coming into town for her birthday, which of on St. Pat's day, which is my boyfriends favorite holiday, and also a big drinking day. I will be weighing in on Saturday then immediately going out to breakfast, then out to start drinking... all day, and probably eating from the street vendors. But on the plus side we are walking all day (its basically a huge block party) and possibly throwing up. I finally get to wear my green jeans!

So to prepare I plan on working extra super hard (enthusiastic much?). I downloaded an app to remind me when to drink water. It is annoyingly helpful. That, plus my extra day of cardio and eating as cleanly and routinely as possible should set me up for a decent weigh in! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Work out gear find!

I have absolutely nothing to do with this company, nor have I ever even ordered from this website (my mother has around Christmas time; the items came, though it was quite slow) but I was browsing and thought I'd share the good deals on fitness apparel I found with you!

  6 pack of Coobie bras for $29.00 found here.

12 Pack of Ilys Sports Shorts for $33.00 found here


Happy shopping!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Real-Week 17

Going strong this week. I started C25K and have successfully made it through my first week. Plus I've been doing some arms and legs on the inbetween days. I plan on signing up for my first 5k next week. It will be on May 4th. I will finish C25K on May 3rd. It's cutting it pretty close but it also gives me zero chances to slack. Boyfriend has told me he is going to sign up too. He went and did stadiums a few times this week which makes me so happy and had now started his C25K. 

This coincides with KTJs  Spring Training 5k Challenge. So if you haven't checked that out head on over to her page to read up on it! I'll have ran my first 5k by her June 1st goal that way I'll have another month to keep training and (hopefully) by then I can try and increase my time! 


So my weekend at Weight Watchers wasn't fantastic, but I expected it. As you know I kind of lost my motivation lately, then at the end of the week I got hit with a stomach bug and survived off of crackers and ginger ale. I gained 0.2. I seem to be teetering around that weight for a while now but I'm getting back on track this week! The sun shining is a huge motivation!

I also think the running helps a lot. Running in the morning (which for me is like 10:30am) definitely curbs the whole wanting to eat the contents of the fridge bit. I'm also really excited for the warmer weather because I want to try my hand at running outside. 

And shorts season is coming up... agh. 

My goal is TWO POUNDS this week. I need to meet that St. Patty's day goal. I was so thrilled to blow it out of the water and now I'm at risk of not making it. 

#1 DRINK 90 oz. of WATER A DAY!
#3 Continue C25K

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.8
Total Lost: 22.0
St. Patty's Day goal: 4.0/6

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Non-Week 17

Before I'm late and while I have the ambition I figured update. I've decided I'm not going to Weight Watchers today. I'm not quitting, just simply using one of my "get out of jail free" cards. I've done terrible this week. To say that I didn't have time to exercise would be an understatement. I turned in three college applications this week, studied and took a test on the reproductive system, and "demonstrated my knowledge" (essentially my professors version on a lab exam in which we use cadavers to show we know how a particular organ system functions, it is terrible) on the endocrine system.

This is an excuse, however... the way I've eaten in accompaniment with my non-exercise is inexcusable. It's been terrible. I've had no restrain. I feel like a swollen bloated cow. I'm getting lazier and lazier by the day. I'm not going to get on a scale for them to tell me how bad I've done (not that they'd ever say that in so many words). I can see from the blog-universe that a lot of people are struggling this second half of the month (well beginning of the month, now). I don't know whether it's the depressing weather that's been lingering on (maybe that's just me in NY) or the threat of Spring time so close.

 I know a lot of times I will lose some weight. Just about enough to get some attention then start "easing up" on myself. Now I never really deprive myself, those of you who read know I have a "cheat day evening" every Saturday. In addition to that I always feel like I'm eating well on Weight Watchers. If I want something sweet I make room for it in my plan. But a good friend/co-worker of mine is very very slim, and does nothing to maintain that physique. So when dinners come at work and she wants to grab pizza or taco's I always think "well I've done great so far today". Even though I have a perfectly healthy meal sitting in the fridge I still feel that now that I am x lbs lighter I should be able to eat more. My co-worker isn't my only temptation, there are many things that last month I would have said no to and this month I am giving in.

In skipping WW this week I'm trying to get back on the saddle. Gather inspiration and motivation from you ladies. I'm trying to decide between starting the C25K or 30 Day Shred. Has anyone done both and can suggest a one they prefer, especially for beginners? Thank you guys for all the motivation. I love hearing about your journey.