Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 18

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sweaty mess
It was a busy busy week! But I'm on spring break now so I should be able to relax a bit. Just work this week. Continuing to push through my C25K and I ate really well this week. I'm so happy to be feeling better. I also got my eyebrows waxed, hair dyed, and one of the girls at work gave me her old scrubs. She recently went from a medium to a small. So now I get to donate all my larges and wear her mediums. (Just a note, I wear large-extra large in everything else, scrubs just tend to run a little bigger). 


Instead of making an omelette every morning I decided to put all my ingredients into a mini loaf pans. Easy peasy trying to leave in the morning. And as you know I like to cover everything with salsa and light sour cream. I had a veggie burger dressed the same way this week with a side of cabbage. 

salsa, sour cream,
 and a side of grapes

all the way on the right,
 a hint at my green pants
 I had a really good time this weekend. My friend, a new mom herself came out for the first time since having her baby and like I mentioned before, my other friend was in from out of town. I drank a lot of green beer, did way too many shots and danced the night away. Thankfully I felt pretty good today. Just lazy and snacky. 

My mom took the day off of work tomorrow and is taking me and my sister out to lunch and to get our nails did. I'm starting to feel pretty good with all the girly-ness going on lately. Oh and my 0.8lb weight loss doesn't hurt either. It's not fantastic, but it's almost a pound. That I will take!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.0
Total Lost: 22.8
St. Patty's Day goal: 4.8/6


  1. great work on your current loss and progress on your C25K! I'm only on week 2 of my C25K and I'm actually enjoying it so far :) Happy Monday

    1. I don't mind the C25K either so far! I hope I don't regret that statement in the future. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Good job on your loss! I am nearing 15 and cannot wait to hit that mark.. Im on week 3 of C25K and due to my asthma..I'm struggling. So I am trying to get out and run at least a little every day to hopefully help that! Glad you had a good weekend!

    1. Thanks miss! Are you able to run with your asthma? Or is it just something you have to work up toward. Be careful over everything! Great job sticking with C25K!