Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 16

Well if you were lucky enough to read my pity-party of a post earlier this week (and I know a few of you were) I apologize. I was feeling very sorry for myself, I've had an emotional week and a serious lack of self control. As far as the whole week I was "good". Lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, portion control, healthy oils exercise almost every day.

But then the sun would set and Crazy Emotional Binge Eater Kay would emerge from the depths of her room (even after being comfortably in her pjs for quite come time) and raid the kitchen. Sometimes it'd be the chocolate ice cream with some peanut butter melted on top and some times it'd be healthy snacks... in extremely large quantities. Conscious of what I was doing, and realizing I didn't want to "give up" I would justify this binge as something I deserved. It was owed to me. "Because I had a bad freaking day and I deserve some freaking cookies, THAT'S WHY". In actuality I need to learn how to control those emotional eating benders. 

I definitive do deserve to treat myself for my hard work  throughout the week with something. I definitely do not deserve to eat my parents out of house and home in the middle of the night like some kind of sugar bandit just because boyfriend and I are having difficulties. I was thinking about posting on KTJ's facebook board asking for some motivation, some distraction techniques or some inspiration  but in a whoa is me moment I decided to not "bother" others with my problems  But I'm realizing that's what we're here for isn't it? To help and inspire and motivate each other on our journeys? 

Ah well. I'm hoping next week will be successful. As far as this week, it was successful (relatively) on the weight loss front. I contribute that to my feelings of regret every morning which led to me working out religiously every day. I lost 0.2. It wasn't deserved. But it's definitely appreciated. Here's to making better decisions. Hope everyone had a fantastic week!. 

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.6
Total Lost: 22.2
St. Patty's Day goal: 4.2/6


  1. I'm a late night snacker too! I bought some regular old popcorn seeds, a huge bag for $1.50. And I learned to cook it the old fashioned way, couple of tablespoons oil and a sprinkle of salt in a large pot over med high heat. Wait until the pan is hot, put in a single layer of seeds and put the lid on. I usually swirl the pot a few times but it takes less than 3 min for all the popcorn to pop. Even though I don't love popcorn, it's pretty healthy if made this way and satisfies my urge to sit and shovel food in my mouth.

  2. I also tend to exercise in the evening, so after a workout I am way less likely to snack/binge.

    1. I can totally see how the exercising in the evening can help. My issue is I work until 11. I need to find something that keeps me motivated while I'm at work so I don't want to go home and eat. Usually I'm pretty good, it was just a difficult week.
      My WW leader does the old fashioned pop corn thing too. She swears by it. I'll have to give it a go, thanks. Is it flavorful enough with just the oil?