Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victories

I had a rough start to the week (started it off with a significant gain). But I eventually recovered. I was actually so excited for this link-up when I left work last night. I couldn't wait to share. Which gets me so excited to read everyone else's accomplishments for the week!
I worked out before work yesterday. No big deal, a little light jogging/ mostly walking because I suck at pushing myself, and some squats. 

Worked as normal. 

But then some of the girls asked me to go to the gym with them after work.. at 11 pm, after working all evening. Bah. But I did it. Figured I'd stay 45 minutes then leave. Best idea ever. 

I ran my first 15 minute mile in, well, probably forever. I couldn't do it in high school. I really haven't tried all the much since. 

I get that this isn't "good" from a runner's perspective. But usually when I work out at home it takes me 20-25 minutes to do a mile, because I spend about 1 minute running, then switch to walking. Then maybe 15 minutes in I'll give running another shot, for thirty seconds. 

I don't know if it was being awake from working or the fact that I was with other people and I wanted to push my self.. but I ran.

And I couldn't be happier

How was your week?! 

Head on over to KTJ Weighing In and Life By Lex and join the link-up. 
Can't wait to read everyone's victories!


  1. Hi I found you through Katie NSV link up! Great job on your work out and running your mile.

  2. Great job running! It doesn't matter how long it took, you do it! Awesome job!

    1. Thanks, Katie!. How is your personal trainer working out for you?

  3. A mile is a mile! Way to stick with it.

    1. Thank you! Hoping to increase my endurance before I work on my timing. :)

  4. You go girl!!

    Stephanie @

  5. I think a 15 minute mile rocks!! I have always wanted to become a runner, but it is too cold to take the little fella out with me and I am still too intimidated to run at the gym! I sound like Godzilla on the treadmill!!

    I nominated you for a Liebster!! Stop by to get your questions!!

    1. Under normal circumstances I would never run at the gym. Too many things flipping around and I've got the whole Godzilla things going on too. But it just happened to be like 1115 at night after work. There was literally no one there.
      I can't wait until summer. I want to get one of those little things that attach to the bike for my little one!