Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 13 + picture overload

big dessert (that's my sissy)
I expected a gain this week. It is a hell of a gain. It was my birthday, I felt entitled to a few drinks, I went out to dinner, at 8 at night right before my weigh in. And I had dessert. I don't regret one bite (or sip). Before I get into numbers I wanted to share that I had a really great week otherwise.

baby dessert
 I had a few people whom I haven't seen in a while tell me how good I looked. One even said I looked like I was melting out of my scrubs. I've had to retire a few pairs of scrubs too. They are mainly the ones from when I first started working at the hospital postpartum,  maybe 230 lbs? I was afraid of the scale. The cool thing about scrubs is that they are like pjs, but these ones were huge. Like unprofessional, boarder line rap star baggy. They were officially donated. ADIOS.

Rue 21 outfit
Also my sister works at this pretty hip clothing store that caters to thinner people. I own one one dress from there, but it had to be sleeveless as they aren't very generous in the lunch-lady arm department. But over the weekend (since it was my birthday and all) I gave it another shot. I bought a whole outfit (minus the jeans, those are mine. Don't push it.) I felt great. Everything fit, nothing was like skin tight or felt like it was going to burst at the seems at one false move. It also didn't hurt that I got 50% off. 

So all and all I had a great week. I was doing really well as far as food, decent with the exercise. Some meals throughout the week included:

ham eggbeater omelet, turkey back, sweet potato
veggie burger w/ RF cheese and green beans

more eggbeaters and ham, apple with cinnamon & stevia

brown rice stir fry with zucchini and cauliflower, sweet potatoes

 BUT as I said. My weigh in sucked, but I actually back down, not all the way down, but down enough. I think a lot of the weight had to do with eating SO late and SO heavy and drinking SO MUCH right before my weigh in. But I'm actually really glad I went. I ate that way, I went and faced the music. It's over with. 

2.4, I gained 2.4. This was expected and my home scale says as of Monday that I'm actually 181.3 so I know a lot of the gain had to do with all that food sitting RIGHT THERE. Waiting for my scale failure. Oh well. Next week will definitely be better. 

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 182.8
Total Lost: 18.0


  1. Oh well, gains happen. Just get back to working hard and you'll lose that weight you just gained plus some.

    1. Thanks Sara! It was a deserved gain this week so I'm not too broken up about it, darn margaritas. Have a great week!

  2. It was your birthday weekend. You're entitled to go all out, know what I mean? I'm sure you would have worked that off and more.


    P.S Happy (very) Belated Birthday!

    1. Thanks for the happy birthday! I totally know what you mean about allowing your self to go all out for your birthday. On the same note I was very happy with making good decisions while still celebrating. Skinny margaritas, shrimp dinner, and a mini dessert? I'll take a gain if it means the ability to make good decisions!