Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 15

Right now I just want to run around singing and dancing. I actually may just do that (can you say activity points?!) This week I didn't focus on scheduling a workout time. Instead I did jumping jacks, crunches, jump robe, jumping squats (man I jumped a lot), and my kettle bell every time there was a commercial on TV, when I had my sweet potatoes in the oven, while I was waiting for my laundry to finish, etc. I also took some time while I was at work to run the eight flights of stairs while on dinner and my break. AND I brought the chocolate covered cherries I received for V-day into work so they weren't staring me in the face the whole week (if they would have even lasted that long). And with all the sugar-depleted nurses running around they were gone within two hours.  So what did all result in?...

A loss of 3.8!! That's almost double what I'd hoped. I'm so excited. And that also means on officially in the 170's!

On another happy note to the left are the scrubs I bought when I first started at the hospital. Size XL. They are literally falling off me. To the right is me holding them taught. I think its time to invest in another pair. That would so far be the only downfall of my weight loss. I need practically whole new set of scrubs and a nurse's aide/ student with a three year old doesn't allow for a wardrobe redo. Maybe I'll have to learn to sew?

So for this weekend the boyfriend and I are celebrating Valentine's Day by drinking some wine tonight then brunch and a matinee movie tomorrow  We're going to Ihop and I've been spending days planning out my healthy but delicious breakfast. 

I hope everyone had a great week! Let me know how you're doing below!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 178.8
Total Lost: 22
St. Patty's Day goal: 4/6


  1. Wow!! What a great week and to hop on the scale and see even more than you expected!! I love your idea of doing commerical workouts :) I had a great week, too, lost my vacation weight and a few ounces more for -3.3 :) Go us!! More importantly, go you - great job!! I can't wait to be in the 170s!

    1. Congrats on your weight loss. I know how good it feels to get that back off after a gain. I got my birthday gain weight off too! I'm sure it made all the fun you had on your cruise totally worth it! Great job!
      I really like the commercial workouts. It makes it seem not so much like I'm forcing myself to workout. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower. Congrats on your weight loss and you can totally take in clothes with a little sewing knowledge. Good luck!

    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog after you commented and I'm definitely hooked. I actually have a story about one of those "special" motels as well (attempts to spice up the love life lead to interesting situations, huh?).
      I am going to have to have someone give me a sewing lesson. I was also thinking about sewing thick ribbon at the seams and just tying the excess back, with a pretty bow of course!