Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 11

That's what I wanted to see! Good loss this week. 2.2lbs off my body. I'm getting closer to never seeing the 180s again.

This week I wanted something sweet for breakfast so I made some nice caramelized apples. Just 1 tbsp of the Splenda brown sugar, and some of the chia tea I was making to sip on. I let them soften all up, toasted my bread and added a little cinnamon. Threw the apples on top and it was delicious.

Speaking of chai tea, I've been trying to drink more tea and less coffee (I usually have about five cups through out the day, courtesy of working second shift) which equates to five points of coffee creamer. But i don't put anything in my tea so that's a big help. Any tea drinkers out there? What brands/ flavors do you enjoy? Happy week everyone!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 183.6
Total Lost: 17.2

Ps, this was written on my cellphone. Boyfriend and I are at the laundromat so apologies for any misspellings, runons, or weird capitalizations.

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