Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non-Scale Victories

It has been an odd week. School has started up again and I hurt my back pretty bad on Monday... bending over to put my kids shoes on (swifttt). I got taken out of work on Tuesday and was told to pretty much just lie still, take muscle relaxers, and use heat. So I was pretty down and out and was going to chalk this week up to a loss as far as losing wise (I basically planned on throwing a food centered pity party).
BUT! Then I remembered The Biggest Loser contestants and how several of them have things that make them unable to do much as far as physical activity and they still manage to pull though. (Um hello, 5k? I can only imagine).
So instead of being gloomy in self pity I put my VERY big girl panties on and took a note from KTJ and decided to concentrate on other things NON SCALE RELATED.

So my Non-Scale Victories for the week include:

Dividing meals
The boyfriend and I went out to the Bee's for lunch yesterday and I got chicken, rice and veggies. Though it was over my points value for the day (I think it clocked in at 30ish) I immediately split the chicken and the veggies and asked for a to go box. I put it out of sight. I ate the rest of my meal slowly, putting my fork down between bites to sip my water. Then for dinner I had the rest of the chicken and veggies on a bed of spinach with salsa on top! Bueno!

Walking on
I definitely can't go running any time soon, and sit ups or anything that involves me lifting my arms above my head is totally out of the question. But I don't really see the harm in walking with my back pain as long as I maintain good posture and take it slow. So starting yesterday and through Monday I vow to walk at 2.5-2.8 mph  on the highest incline for at least 30 minutes a day. Even if I have to break it up, at least I'm moving. I usually get in about 8,000-10,000 steps at work alone at the hospital, so being out for a whole week is really messing me up. 

Hold and breathe
My goal on weekends is always to do yoga as a way to relax my muscles and take a break. I used to be very flexible when I was little even though out high school. I've lost a lot of that and would love to get it back. But my weekends tend to come and go with no stretching or yoga done. What a better time to start some back focused yoga? I just Googled yoga for back pain and try to take it slow. Some moves don't feel good so I don't do them, but the point is I'm moving. 

So we'll see how all this pans out. Hopefully these non-scale victories can turn into the real thing. If not I know I tried. It is much more accomplished than I felt like at the beginning of the week.


 Breakfast this morning. 3pcs turkey bacon, 1/2 serving of "pancakes" (1 banana, 1/4 c. egg substitute, cooked with 1 tsp. coconut oil), and 2 tbs. sugar free syrup heated with smashed strawberries. 
 I'll probably be eating the rest of the pancakes for lunch with some peanut butter. And maybe some grilled zucchini. My meals rarely make sense. I just know I always need something salty and something sweet.

Well until Saturday weigh in!

<3 Kay


  1. You are awesome! So inspiring that you are injured and didn't let things spiral out of control! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Katie J! You're very inspirational to me as well, I mean it. It's always encouraging to talk with people who are on a similar journey to you. Congrats on your NSVs!

  2. Oh wow sorry about the injury. Im hoping you are healed up soon. New follower here! Keep it up!!!


    1. I'm pretty much better Toya, Thanks. And thanks for following, you've got a new follower too!