Friday, January 25, 2013

Pit and Peak

Since I (as I'm sure most do) tend to only focus on the cruddy-ness of the previous week, I thought I'd participate in Allie's PIT and PEAK. Its kind of like a way to measure the highs and lows though out the week. And because it's nice to remember that not everything way thaaaattt baaadd.. 
Here goes!

The Pits

sick baby sitting in the
steamy bathroom
1- I hurt my back which has not only made working out a lot harder, but also picking up Bee and sitting in class. Also I was taken out of work for it which means no dinero.

2- Bee has a nasty cold. I hate when she gets sick. Not that any parent likes it I'm sure, but she's too young to know how to blow her nose properly, breathe through her mouth, ask for anything without being whiney. (At least she wants to be a cuddlebug)

3- I discovered that I need new tires on my Jeep... in the middle of the night, while driving though the worst snow storm forty minutes away from my house. Yep, my tires are HORRENDOUS. (Oh, and it's freezing out).

The Peaks
1- I was totally on point with eating all week. I even showed up my mom (who goes to meetings with me) when she dished out homemade chicken pot pie and I grilled up a veggie burger and zucchini instead. I know it's not a competition, but it's so much more fun when I can pretend it is, I get that from nursing school.

2- School started! I know I'm weird. But I'm taking anatomy and physiology  and while I may not be a shining star in that class it is always interesting. Tons of 'ah-ha' moments. Plus we use real cadavers so I get to gross the boyfriend out again. He just thinks my presence after work or lab (at least before I shower) is gross in general. Hmm. 

3- The time off has given me extra time to spend time with the people I love. I've been picking Bee up early from daycare to spend extra time with her, boyfriend and I got to have a fantastic coffee date after our night class. We don't see all that much of each other, we're both in school and he works overnights, while I work evenings. AND I got to see my friends new baby, even if he slept the whole time I still snuck in and picked him up. BEAUTIFUL.


Want to share your own pits and peaks?
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Weigh in update tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. Being injured is definitely a pit, but you have some great peaks this week too! I hope you have a great weekend and feel better soon!

  2. I feel mostly better, still avoiding anything that puts too much strain on my back though as I'd really like to get back to work. Definitely some great peaks. That's why I thought they had a great idea with this. It kind of helps to not focus on all the bad things that happened through out the week. You have a great weekend too!

  3. I hope your back is feeling better and that Bee is feeling better too! Yay for extra time with her :)

    Thanks for linking up with us