Friday, April 5, 2013

Cleanse Day 1 and 2

Boy, day 1 my Advocare Herbal Cleanse was kind of rough. I remember last time making my fiber drink with less water so I could chug it faster then downing water after (it specifically says not to do this on the package, btw for choking reasons). The drink is quite gross. Well I tried to do it this time but it was so concentrated and thick I gagged it down. Literally heaving over the sink. But the day carried on. 

Then I didn't drink any coffee all morning. I had my Spark drink but no coffee. By 7 or 8 I was hurting. My head felt like it was going to explode from caffeine withdraw. I was getting dizzy. Finally around 10pm I ended up having a caffeinated tea.

Aside from my caffeine cravings my meals were good. I never felt hungry. I finally felt as though I was getting the proper amount of water I should be consuming every day. And I really haven't been tempted into eating anything, though there has yet to be any donuts show up in the break room. Damn nurse's and their sugar. 

Breakfast was fruit and nuts, taco salad for lunch, and chicken with green beans and sweet potatoes for dinner. 

Day 2 I decided to up the water in the fiber drink, and while it made it so it took longer to go down the texture was much more manageable. I started my day off with two Sparks, but because I had class I kind of forgot to pack a breakfast. I grabbed an apple, nuts and dried fruit (just fruit, no sugar added) to go to class with me but only ended up eating the apple. I had a big lunch of egg and avacado salad, fresh vegetables and  a sweet potato. Dinner was chicken and more sweet potatoes. I don't actually think you are supposed to have starcy vegetables after lunch, but if I didn't have something more substantial I would have been pretty low on the caloric intake. 

And the best part is... no caffeine withdraw headache until 10pm but by then I'm getting ready for bed anyway. 

My daughter is certianly paying off from seeing me eat this way. She wanted to have fruit salad with momma. 

Oh and...

I got accepted into nursing school!
(assuming I pass my the anatomy and physiology I'm currently taking)

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