Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 21

I'm picking up my weeks where I left off so this would be Week 21 of being ON TRACK. 

I've decided like the rest of the blog universe that I will weigh in on Wednesday instead of Sunday as I was previously. (Who thought of weighing in on Wednesday anyway?). 

Anyhoo I am down THREE POINT NINE EL BEES. Whatsss uppp. I'm sure losing four pounds just shy of a week means I had me some hefty water weight. I'm sure I still have more to go as far as that is concerned. But I've very excited about that loss. 

This time around I am super concerned with weights and toning. I am really going to be focusing on that as I have an unruly amount of sag and flab. Its so sad. 

And for aesthetics (and mouth-wateringness);

Dinner and snacks for work

Then I got to work and realized why I can't lose weight (totally had a piece)  

Another dinner (the "salad" is just a HB egg chopped with mini cucumbers)

Sandwich on a bun, 1/2 serving of chips, and a pickle 

My baby making me lunch (and paying no attention to me).
That shirt is actually a tent on him since the sucka just lost 17lbs on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!

The grilled chicken from above and some homemade Spanish brown rice w/ light sour cream.  

 Tonight's supper; salad w/ balsamic, soy chicken patty w/ cheese and chipotle spread 

And the best part of all. Some super cuteness!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 180.5
Total Lost: 20.3

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