Thursday, July 11, 2013


I’mmmm baaaaaaacckk.

I’m not even going to make excuses because the fact of the matter is I was lazy and unmotivated and wanted to eat ice cream ALL THE TIME. My man friend started the Advocare 24 day Challenge about 18 days ago and I keep telling myself to get back on track but I've always been a “start on Monday” kind of a gal. Then Monday would roll around and I never went shopping and someone had pizza…

Well I’m done. I went shopping and prepped my food last night and then weighed myself this morning (on a THURSDAY!).

Look at all that deliciousness! I hard boiled all the eggs, cut up the peppers and onions for quick sautéing, sliced my strawberries and mixed them with my blueberries, and cooked up the chicken and the all-natural chicken sausage (which I am SO EXCITED to try). 

A friend I’ve had since elementary school teaches several fitness classes including Zumba, Amp’d, kettlebell, and pole dancing. I always have trouble getting to classes because I work second shift and there’s no way I can wake up for 6am spin and all the afternoon classes aren’t usually until 6pm or later (when I’m already at work). But she just started offering one at 11am on Thursdays so I am definitely going to be hitting that up!

My weight is 184.4 as of this morning. That is a gain of about 10lbs in three months. I definitely thought it was more but am totally relieved that it's NOT. 

I'm going to have be on top of planning more because my life is a little nuts right now. I'm working three jobs and I am just basically NEVER home. Hence the prepping all the foods already. I'm also hoping the general sense on healthfulness will give me drive to wake up earlier. 

What else, what else. 
I've been thinking about taking a karate class. Not for any fitness benefits, more for my personal sense of well being. I've always been kind of a pushover (I get it from my momma). But I'd be more than willing to fail if it meant another got to succeed. I often take on more than I can chew (both literally and mentally) and it has in the passed led to unrelenting stress (like the kind that requires a script). 
My goal in it would be basically to gain some self confidence and learn to stand up for what I need and what I want. 
I might try yoga too. I need me some inner peace dammit!. 

Thanks to everyone (if anyone) who stuck around. I’m 100% (re)commited!

Starting Weight: 200.8
Current Weight: 184.4
Total Lost: 16.4

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